Lovers and Dog Lovers on South Walton Beaches!!!

Posted on May 27, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Dog Lovers on South Walton Beaches!!!South Walton Beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and what’s more romantic than a wedding at sunset on the beach? Many lovers have said their vows on our beaches and wedding parties often pay top dollar to rent the largest privately owned gulf-front homes.

Weddings and other events, like family reunions, are common this time of year here at the beach. These special occasions only add to the already high demand from tourists in the spring and summer, which is one reason our rental rates “peak” this time of year.

Whether you are planning a special event or just a vacation here at the beach, you may want to consider the fall when there are fewer tourists, milder temperatures and lower rental rates.

Are you a dog-lover who wants to vacation with your dog? Dog lovers choose Walton County beaches because it is one of the only places you can have a dog on the beach; however, this privilege is for property owners only! Here is an excerpt from the Walton County Tourist Development website that explains the rules:

“Please note that although dogs may be allowed in your rental, dogs are only allowed on South Walton beaches during designated hours with a permit available to full-time residents or property owners only. South Walton does have a dog park, Alaqua Unleashed, located in Santa Rosa Beach.

Are dogs allowed on the beaches in South Walton?

Walton County allows dogs on the beach under certain conditions. Full-time residents and/or property owners in Walton County may obtain a permit through the Clerk of Courts office, which allows leashed dogs on the beach during designated hours. The permit runs annually from August 1 through July 31. Details are available here. Service dogs are allowed on South Walton beaches anytime without a permit, but must have proper ID. All permitted or service dogs must remain on leash while on the beach at all times. South Walton does have a dog park, Alaqua Unleashed.”

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